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I am a creator of memories. 

I want to do so much more than photograph you. 
I want to celebrate this moment in your lives with you.  Let me heighten the experience by eliminating the stress so you can just be, just live in the moment with your loved ones.  Together we will create a truly unique memory, one that you will always look back on with a smile. 

Photographing happiness in the Okanagan, BC,
and beyond

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"Amie is so much more than a photographer, she is an artist! "
-K.K., client

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I cry at every wedding.  My heart swoons the first time I see the bride's dress.  I love the reaction of the groom the first time he sees his soon to be wife.  I can't get enough of the bridal florals.  Each wedding is as unique as the two people who are tying their lives to one another, and the love that two people share with each other as they proclaim it to the rest of the world just pulls on my heart strings.  Let me be the third wheel on the most romantic day of your life.  Let me capture the moments that will start your happily ever after.  Contact me for full and half day wedding pricing.

I vow to do every session with the care and passion I would treat my own family with. 
I want to give you the gift of a preserved memory; to provide you with images that will make your heart sing every time you see them along with the highest quality products so that you will enjoy your portraits every day in your home.  We will work together to pick the location, style your wardrobe, shoot your stress free session, and finally meet to reveal your beautiful gallery and choose products that will become heirlooms for your family for generations to come.  Contact me with your vision for your next session.



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